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Tan Tan Delicatessens Products - Please contact us for pricing
Bo Vien - "Beef Meatballs"
Cha Lua - "Lean Pork Meat Rolls"
Cha Chien - "Fried Pork Patty"
Thit Nguoi - "Vietnamese-Style Ham"
Gio Thu - "Head Cheese"
Nem Nuong - "Seasoned Pork Patty"
Gio Song - "Pork Meat Paste"
Gio Song Don Kho Qua
Pork meat paste with seasfood and vegetables
Cha Ca - "Fish Paste"
Pate Gan - "Liver Pate"
Bo - "Homemade Mayonnaise"
Do Chua - "Pickled Carrots & Daikon"
Assorted Tan Tan Meats
Please inquire for varieties and pricing