Vietnamese Sandwiches |

All sandwiches are served with liver pate, homemade mayonnaise, pickled vegetables, cucumber, cilantro, onions and jalapeno peppers; seasoned with soy sauce and salt & pepper.
Tan Tan Banh Mi - Grilled Pork
Banh Mi - Grilled Pork
1. Special Banh Mi Tan Tan
Vietnamese-style ham, lean pork roll, fried pork, and head cheese
2. Banh Mi Xa Xiu
Chinese BBQ Pork
3. Banh Mi Nem Nuong
Seasoned pork patty
4. Banh Mi Xiu Mai
Ground pork in tomato sauce
5. Banh Mi Cha Lua
Lean pork meat roll
6. Banh Mi Cha Chien
Fried pork patty
7. Banh Mi Bi
Shredded pork
8. Banh Mi Ga
Seasoned and shredded chicken
9. Banh Mi Ca
Sardines in tomato sauce
10. Banh Mi Thit Nguoi
Vietnamese-style ham
11. Banh Mi Thit Nuong
Grilled lemongrass pork
12. Banh Mi Chay
Vegetarian sandwich
13. Banh Mi Pate
Pate sandwich
14. Banh Mi Ga Nuong
Grilled lemongrass chicken